About Me


thanks for stopping by my page.  I hope you enjoy it here…

My motto in life has always been – “I want to make a difference”

I started this at 11 when I was chosen to represent GB with an organisation called CISV.  If you want to know what that is, you can ask me later.  I went on from there.  I’ve always wanted to help people, to make people proud of themselves and realise their worth.


I went on to work in with the public, something, not sure why, but I actually enjoy it!  But my want to make a difference never left me.  The year the Tsunami hit in Thailand on Boxing Day, I had this overwhelming urge to go and help.  I didn’t; I selfishly couldn’t afford to just up and go.  I needed to pay my mortgage and look after my cat.  From there I went on to want to travel a bit.  Still working hard, and travelling in my winter break, I went to do the Golden Triangle in India, Disney with my friend, a few bits of the Eastern Caribbean, a monkey sanctuary in South Africa, a trek for charity in the Grand Canyon and a whistle stop tour of Southern Thailand.  As I’m sure you can imagine from my small blurb above, the monkey sanctuary was by far the best, and the Grand Canyon, raising £3.5k was something to be proud of.

So yes I want to make a difference.  This brings me round to the here and now.  I still do.  My plan is to make money online, help others to make money online too, whilst doing that this helps me to save up.  So as I can go and help in a humanitarian situation, my mortgage will be covered and I can go and help others.  Yes I want to make money, but not for the usual reasons.  You still here?  Good…

Read on, see how I make a little extra, and how you can too >>>