Force of Nature

I am a bit of a geography geek; so I kind of love this.  I do however know it has a lot to do with the force.  It’s just what the saying stands for that I like.  Don’t give up.

I love all things natural.  How things were made, how things are formed.  I love nature and watching things develop.  This goes back to my High School days and a little later.  My beliefs, and I state my beliefs… I always questioned why do we believe what a historian tells us, what the Bible tells us or the Koran?  It’s all just one mans’ version of events; so to speak. Whereas geography and science, is not a belief, you can see it with your own eyes.

I always remember questioning everything I was ever taught about religion to my Nanna, once I read The De Vinci Code.  This horrified her; but it’s good to ask questions.  You don’t learn if you don’t ask.  Not everyone sees everything the same either, so what I understood of what I read could be completely different to the next person.  I love it though, a good debate with multiple outcomes.  There is nothing wrong with this when it is amicable.  It is 100% my belief that, too many people can’t talk about things amicably, especially when it comes to, religion, money and politics; unfortunately this is why there is so much unrest and war in the world we live in.

So getting back to the quote.  I will stick to my love of things natural; I will explore, learn new things and continue to try and make a difference in this world we live in.  Take care and love what you have and who you have.


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ABI Horizon at Haggerston Castle

well hello there,

I do a bit of work for one of our sales girls at Haggerston Castle.  So today I have put together a video using my Sazzle’s Sketch Software.

What do you think?  Feel free to share if you know anyone who might be interested in a new luxury static holiday home at Haggerston Castle.

Haggerston Castle, is where I spend my days, it’s my day job.  It’s a beautiful place, I am very lucky to work there.  It’s a gorgeous Haven Holiday Park in North Northumberland.  There is so much to do and see for all of the family.  If you’d like to enquire about owning your own static holiday home at Hagggerston Castle, please call my friend Sarah Carmichael on 0843 289 0172 she’d be happy to help you with any questions and queries you may have.  She’s a good one!


Don’t Quit

This poem is on my bathroom wall.


Mum bought this poem for me when I was 18, and was about to head off to Grimsby, YES Grimsby. I was heading off to college.  22 years later, I still see this poem everyday.  I may not read it daily, but I see it daily.  Mum wrote a little message on the back of it too.  Love her so much xx

In a sense I did quit, well I quit this episode of my life.  I only lasted 3 weeks or so in Grimsby, but I mean come on, who can blame me.  However it is not a regret.  It put me onto the path that I still follow today.  I did go to college and I did get the qualification I was aiming for, so for all I quit, I didn’t really, I took a detour!  Nowadays, before making the big decisions I think back to this poem, to what Mum would say or think, and I think twice before jumping in feet first.  Guess that’s an age thing too.


You know I Love to Travel Yeah…

view from the top

I’m lucky enough to be back from my third Wonder of the World.  I so love travelling and new experiences.

This place was amazing.  We stayed on the Canadian side of the Falls.  Place is great, built up, and they’ve certainly homed in on the tourism, but it’s still fantastic.  This view is amazing, the walkway is breathtaking and the falls are phenomenal.  We also crossed the Rainbow Bridge and went over to the United States side too.  Not as spectacular, not as touristy, but still amazing.  Would I go again… YES; would I recommend it…YES

This web page is all about how I make money online, here to share my info with whoever is interested; if it’s just to read or to try it for yourself.  The money I make is not for a rainy day, it’s for my travel fund.  I WILL see all 50 States, and I will see a lot more of the world.  It’s there to see and there to enjoy.  Thought I’d share some of my images, as this is where my earnings go…