You Need a Magic Gem!

I came across my Magic Gem whilst searching the internet for a device that would broadcast to many within a location.  I knew there had to be something around.

I work on a holiday park, I have people I know who work in shopping malls, arenas, buses, haulage companies; I wanted something these people could put in there pocket and forget about.  Although they are forgetting about it, they are promoting messages for me to the people within half a mile of them.  (of the device)

I now have three of these little devices, and daily they send notifications to people in the right radius who have an android phone with locations and bluetooth switched on.  Imagine the potential:

  • you work in sales and need to target your captive audience, this is instant and stays on phone until they open it.
  • you are at a show with 50000+ people, this is on your keyring, boom, it will hit 30000 phones!
  • you are at a football match, 52000+ yeah!
  • you work in real estate, pop a device on a few for sale signs, everyone with a android who walks past will get a notification.
  • caravan sales people, pop one under the dining table of your best caravan, beat the team for real leads!

The list goes on, the potential is endless.

Get more information HERE I know I’m glad I got one, three weeks later I got myself another two!

Sold already and want your hands on one or two right now?  Get yours HERE

You’re very welcome!


Fall in CryptoCurrency

Well hello there, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Sunday afternoon.
So, today, I’ve got the football on, watching Newcastle United play badly, again; and thought, let’s check out my page.

The whole cryptocurrency world has been getting a slating right now in the media world.  Mark Zuckerburg has gone full circle.  He’s said he is getting involved and trusts Bitcoin, to now saying he is banning it from Facebook. Personally, I think it’s just the media frenzy and he’s still on board.

I find it funny when cryptocurrency takes a dip.  Namely I will now refer to Bitcoin as that’s the currency I have purchased packages in.  When it takes a dip, web pages, Facebook and blogs go into meltdown with the whole ‘it’s crashin’ ‘it’s a bubble’ ‘it’s a scam’ Makes me laugh, as no matter if the rate falls or rises, I still get up to 1% return on my capital.  I buy actual Bitcoin packages, for around 50euro, I get a return every weekday, Monday through until Friday.  When it falls as it has recently, it makes no difference, still get my returns, and if I buy new packages I actually get more Bitcoin for my money!  It’s amazing.

If you’d like to get a bigger return on your capital than you do at the bank, let me know. I can send you some information.

Feel free to contact me at anytime for more info.  Thanks for taking time out to visit my page.  Take care now.