Bitcoin Referral Programme = Free Bitcoin

well hello there, as I make money online, I like to share with you.  I guess you probably got that from the name of my page!

The last one I posted, Hashperium, seems to have closed.  Glad to say this one is getting me free money everyday in the form of a faucet lucky spin!

I deposited £5.00 into Bitcoin, BUT you can use whichever mining mode you prefer.  Everyday since I have went on, clicked on faucet and got a lucky spin.  From this spin you win  a small amount and this goes into your pot too.

  • you can withdraw into coinbase or similar anytime you like.
  • you can refer as many people as you like
  • for every referral who purchases through this site, you get  1% commission back to build your pot.
  • just click HERE to see what it’s all about and join too.

Happy Easter


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