Don’t Quit

This poem is on my bathroom wall.


Mum bought this poem for me when I was 18, and was about to head off to Grimsby, YES Grimsby. I was heading off to college.  22 years later, I still see this poem everyday.  I may not read it daily, but I see it daily.  Mum wrote a little message on the back of it too.  Love her so much xx

In a sense I did quit, well I quit this episode of my life.  I only lasted 3 weeks or so in Grimsby, but I mean come on, who can blame me.  However it is not a regret.  It put me onto the path that I still follow today.  I did go to college and I did get the qualification I was aiming for, so for all I quit, I didn’t really, I took a detour!  Nowadays, before making the big decisions I think back to this poem, to what Mum would say or think, and I think twice before jumping in feet first.  Guess that’s an age thing too.


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