Sazzle’s Be Bodylicious

My BodyShop at Home Business

Sazzle’s Be Bodylicious is my Bodyshop at Home business, I am a consultant for the Bodyshop.  *Everything posted on all of my pages is my own content.  Not the Bodyshops thoughts etc.

I started with Bodyshop last August, and my upline asked me to start up again for peak this year.  Unlike Sazzle’s Be Younique, Sazzle’s Be Bodylicious IS target driven for me; hence I dropped out after peak.  I did do very well though and I provided some amazing offers to my loyal customer base.  The Bodyshop is a fantastic company and I totally love their products and ethics.  I do all of my parties and selling through social media.  So here is my Facebook Group, just click on the link to request to become a member of my group.  It is a closed group; so I will need to accept you.  Once you become a member you will see all of my fantastic offers, and believe me there really is some fantastic offers to be had.

Yes I do all of my business online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a hostess too and still earn extra goodies and get lots of discounted items:

Host your own online party…

If you decide to be the host… it just means I set up an event for you online, you invite all of your friends and I still run the party online for you.  So no need to provide nibbles, clean up or have people round!  You can sit in your pj’s and shop until your heart is content.  Sip wine and no need to even do your makeup!! Just buy it 🙂 !!

Any questions give me a shout.  Be happy to help you.  Remember to join my group to get all the exclusive offers…