Sazzle’s Be Younique

Sazzle’s Be Younique is my online makeup business.  You may have heard of Younique?  It’s a fantastic company with really good company ethics and values.  They have a Younique Foundation that helps to fight sexual abuse.  They really do do a great job, and I am happy and proud to be part of the BIG team.

Check out my Facebook page.  It’s got lots of up to date info on there.  I also have a group, I do the odd raffle or competition on here.  Good fun, or at least I think so!  Click on links if you’d like to join.  I’d love to have you in my community.    I also have a separate webpage all about my company, feel free to have a browse, anytime day or night.

Enough about my links already!  This page is all about how I make money …

…so with Sazzle’s Be Younique, I make money everytime someone buys something from my online shop Younique actually pay me at least 20% of the sale within 3 hours of the sale going through.  Yes, so I can get paid daily, as often as people buy from me I get paid.

One of my most popular products is the newly formulated 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara.  This mascara is truly amazing.  It’s one item that I always have in my makeup bag.

just look at those lashes!  They are amazing, I know I sell it, but come on, you’ve got to admit; those eyes look AWESOME!?!

Check out all of my products in my shop, the link is above.

You too can make the same money as me, by joining my company.  It really is a fab company.  You can join me by clicking >>> HERE  when you do join, you get all of this…kit

I love Younique, you can love it too!

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