Sazzle’s Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is taking off.  I had looked and sat on the edge looking in for a while.  On 5th December 2017 I decided, to follow my own advice.  #LiveLaughLove #Lifetooshort so I signed up and bought my first package.

Why am I being so specific, and putting the date in, well I need to remember the date, as it’s a date that my financial status started to change!  Gotta be in it to win it.  So far so good.

USI Tech is who I joined up through, and this is what they have to say:

We pride ourselves in delivering a technology that you won’t find anywhere else. We are enabling “smaller” investors to finally get involved in the FOREX and Bitcoin markets and have real success.

Through the development of our fully automated trading software, we’ve consistently delivered out-standing results. And we are committed to continuing to do so far into the future. It is finally possible to get involved in these highly complex and highly profitable markets, without any expertise of your own.

I’m glad I did it, I had no knowledge prior to this, but I’m in and it’s addictive.  There is a great community within and they are all in it to make money and help each other out.  My sponsor @DaveBailey has been amazing.

The USI-TECH Advantage

When you join USI-TECH, you’ll gain our entire team’s highly-skilled expertise and decades of experience. Through our unique, highly-complex algorithms the risk is effectively minimized, while the chances chances of profit are maximised. And still YOU retain complete control of deposits and withdrawals.


The FOREX exchange market is the market with the highest capital turnover in the world. And Bitcoin continues to grow by leaps and bounds

We offer the opportunity for you to get a piece of the pie — regardless of your skillset or the size of your bank account


It is almost impossible to obtain enduring profits in these markets without professional tools

Our automated trading system provides access to the most liquid market in the world with excellent profits for ANYONE


More than 80% of traders lose money while trading, continuously, due to their lack of experience and other psychological factors.

Our experienced team of specialists is constantly optimizing the existing parameters of our software and exploring new strategies to guarantee long-term success

I am including the link to my page, as it gives a lot of detailed information.      Click >>HERE<< for info .  It’s not about getting money out of you for me.  It’s about showing you as much information as possible to help you understand it.  To enjoy it and to make money.  It’s exciting…!

I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, but I have to say, this video I am going to share with you here is the one that made the penny drop for me and it’s the one that I thought; yeah I’m in!  See if it makes your penny drop too…

Hope to get you onboard.  Any questions, please give me a shout.  I have a Facebook page too that I will put more info on:

If you’d like to chat more to others, as I mentioned, there is a great community, let me know and I will add you to our Facebook chat too.

Catch you on the inside.  As always…