Force of Nature

I am a bit of a geography geek; so I kind of love this.  I do however know it has a lot to do with the force.  It’s just what the saying stands for that I like.  Don’t give up.

I love all things natural.  How things were made, how things are formed.  I love nature and watching things develop.  This goes back to my High School days and a little later.  My beliefs, and I state my beliefs… I always questioned why do we believe what a historian tells us, what the Bible tells us or the Koran?  It’s all just one mans’ version of events; so to speak. Whereas geography and science, is not a belief, you can see it with your own eyes.

I always remember questioning everything I was ever taught about religion to my Nanna, once I read The De Vinci Code.  This horrified her; but it’s good to ask questions.  You don’t learn if you don’t ask.  Not everyone sees everything the same either, so what I understood of what I read could be completely different to the next person.  I love it though, a good debate with multiple outcomes.  There is nothing wrong with this when it is amicable.  It is 100% my belief that, too many people can’t talk about things amicably, especially when it comes to, religion, money and politics; unfortunately this is why there is so much unrest and war in the world we live in.

So getting back to the quote.  I will stick to my love of things natural; I will explore, learn new things and continue to try and make a difference in this world we live in.  Take care and love what you have and who you have.