Productive Sunday

what you up too this Sunday?

I’ve had a very productive day so far.  I’ve been working on B Local Marketing.  Really excited about how this is going to take off!

Official Website is now up and running too!  All good stuff.  Got some customers using us too.  All is good, positivity breeds results!

Enjoy your day.  Know I will.


Purrfect Day Off …

yes today has been a perfect day off.

I went on an adventure with some amazing people, who I am lucky enough to have as fabulous friends.  I even got out of my bed at 5am for this.  So an early night is on the cards.

Right now this is ‘us’ thinking about calling it a day!

all snuggled up

I’ve come home from my lovely day, placed some orders for @SazzlesBeBodylicious Have Bella lying purring on my knee.  I’ve done a little prospecting and training on our new venture too.  I am very excited about B Local Marketing. It’s going to help a lot of local businesses to grow their customer base, which is always good.  Keeping it local. 

Got a busy, productive week ahead of us.  So right now, it’s time to say, goodnight and enjoy the rest of your weekend!