Building my Bitcoin wallet

afternoon all, I’m learning my product right now.  Going through videos and training material.  This isn’t essential, some people do some people don’t.  I learn visually and I’m a blue analytical blue, so I need to read, watch and digest.

This little snippet is cool:

what do you think?

I’m enjoying learning and team building.  Whilst doing this my ROI is growing.  WIN:WIN

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Bitcoin and Me…

hey, so a lot of my online income is from Sazzle’s Be …

Why not Sazzle’s Be Bitcoin or Sazzle’s Bitcoin.

Have you joined the Bitcoin Revolution yet?  I’m a little late on board, I only just joined last night!  I have looked for a while; and I’ve had it mentioned to me from fellow marketers for at least the last two years.  Last night I took the plunge.  Nothing to lose.

Bitcoin has been in the news a lot recently, and we have a lot of famous entrepreneurs backing too.  If Richard Branson and Bill Gates are on board, what’s stopping me?  What’s stopping you?

I watched a lot of videos but this one in particular made it click for me.  Click here to watch it, see if makes sense to you too.

Lots more info on my  actual tech page too if you’d like a look? Any questions, give me a holler, I’m learning, as we all are, as we go along!