The Drugs Do Work…

whoa whoa whoa; wait a minute….

now before you jump on your high and mighty!  I’m not condoning illegal drugs in any way shape or form.  I used to be a copper for Gods’ sake.  (not that that makes a difference, normally the most corrupt)! Anyway that’ll be a whole other post!

The drugs do work…                                                                                           …the reason for such a title.  I need the drugs to work.  If you’ve been following; you’ll know I’ve been a bit down with a chest infection of late. Well pretty much for the last two month.  I had antibiotics then I got steroids, and after that course I was chest pain free for 6 whole days!  Guess what’s back?  That was my Facebook status last night.  Other than the Shady references no one guessed.  No, why would you, I mean after two month surely not!  So managed to get to see a lovely doctor today, got a breathing appointment and test with a nurse for two weeks’ time too.  So tonight I try a steroid inhaler.  My puff test was 310, it should be 475 for someone of my age and height.  So on with this inhaler, keep my other one, go to the test and back to see a doctor in three weeks.  So yes, the drugs do work.  Pretty Pretty please the drugs have to work!!

I’ll be back later tonight with a Sazzle’s Be Younique update.



One thought on “The Drugs Do Work…”

  1. de ja vu, today I’m on my two inhalers, corvonia, sudafed, bed and lucozade.
    I’d love to feel on top form. Can’t remember a day since this original post that I’ve been wheeze free! But just a lot better than today would be good. Don’t want to be off work again!

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